Need to improve your audio?

Hi! My name is Raphael Soares and I want to edit and improve the audio quality of your podcast or audio book.

About me:

I graduated in music at Music Tech School (London 2004). Following that I graduated in sound and music production at Restart, school of creativity and new technologies (Lisbon 2006). (@)

Send me your recording and I´ll do the rest:

➤ Edit out mistakes and edit together segments.

➤ Improve the audio quality by improving the tonal quality of the recording.

➤ Remove  unwanted breathing, unwanted noise, room noise reduction and volume adjustments.

➤ Add in additional elements such as music, intro and outro.

➤ Optimize your audio for platforms such as Audible.

➤ Tag your audio file so it´s easier to find and catalogue your podcast. Create a feedburner for it and upload it to your podcast hosting service.


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